General Dentistry

General Paediatric dentistry

Dr Heidi enjoys providing comprehensive oral health care for all children. She is a big believer in developing healthy habits early in childhood.

Dentists are trained to know all about:

  • Growth and psychological development of children from before birth to adulthood.
  • The causes and treatment of the full range of oral diseases both inherited and acquired, from decay to gum disease, tooth wear to traumatic dental injuries, missing to poorly formed teeth.
  • The individual nature of each child and how their temperament, family and school environments and background impact on oral health.
  • Childhood illness and disability and how these can impact of oral health and dental treatment.

A dentist can:

  • Identify things that are causing dental disease and to know how to help children and their families have healthy teeth and mouths.
  • Deliver specialised techniques for managing anxious and/or young children including using special approaches to giving local analgesia and dental sedation as well as providing dental treatment under general anaesthesia.
  • Treat children with all kinds of medical, physical and intellectual conditions including those with behavioural challenges such as Autism and ADHD.
  • Work with doctors, paediatricians, nurses, allied health professionals as well as teachers and child care workers to help make sure that children have the best dental health possible.

Other treatments include 


Broken and Worn Teeth


Root Canals